Thursday, October 3, 2013


When I released the app in June, it got a great response. Especially on Windows Phone platform. It got almost 5000 downloads in less than 3 months. This is huge because $0 was spent on marketing the app.

The app also received an invitation from Google to be included in Google Play for Education and I take great pleasure in announcing that it got approved.

Today, I have great news for all the users of the app. The most requested feature - "The Graphs" has finally made its way into the app. Yes, you can now plot the graphs for all the 170 equations with all the combinations. This is optimised for tablets as well. Below are the screenshots of the app plotting the graphs.

You can download it at
Oh, By the way, the app was also featured in NextBigWhat.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Better Education with Apps

What I really liked at Google I/O this year was Google's initiative for having a Google Play for Education. This is great announcement because a smartphone or a tablet with right educational tools can create miracles in the life of a student.
The educational apps provide a lot of advantages to the students. It gives the freedom from carrying heavy books to the schools. It has interactive learning features that allows student to learn with more ease and help them to understand the concepts clearly.

Keeping the same goals in my mind, I have created an app called High School Physics. As we know Mathematics is the language of Physics and is very critical for understanding some of the advanced concepts in it. But many times, a great number of Physics enthusiasts often get intimidated by the vast amount of Mathematics used in Physics.
The app High School Physics tries to solve that problem. This app provides a great tool that helps student to concentrate on Physics without having to be drowned in the sea of Mathematical Equations.

Features of High School Physics App:
  • Equations Calculator for over 170 equations covering over 20+ lessons.
  • 160+ Definitions covering all the topics.
  • Descriptions for all the Units and Lessons.
  • Wiki pages for all the Units and Lessons inside the app.
  • Equations List for all the formulae.
  • Clipboard support for all the Equations and Results

You can download it from the Google Play here.
Below are some of the screenshots of the app.

The App is also available for Windows Phone platform. Some of the screenshots of WP are are below:

Privacy Policy:

This app collects the email id of the users so that the resource is not abused. The email id will not be shared with anyone and no promotional mails/offers will be sent.

The app has been featured in popular media like Times of IndiaNextBigWhatTechnodify and YourStory and Android Dissected.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rock Paper Scissors

I was wondering how hard can it be to play Rock Paper Scissors. Then I thought how hard can it be to create an app for that. So, I created an app for Android. Then I thought why not customize this for Sheldon Cooper by including Spock and Lizard and that's what I did.

You can download this app from Google Play at