Monday, February 17, 2014

Spandan 2014

This new app that I've created has lot of new features that I've used for the first time in my apps. The app acts as a handy guide for the participants and organisers of Spandan*. Some of new features/APIs that have been used in the App include:

  • GridView
    • This is a cool view that is not used quite often in the apps. I feel this view is better than the ListView.
  • ExpandableListView
    • This view provides a nice accordion effect in the app.
  • Infinite Scrolling
    • This is probably the easiest and the most exciting API. This can be achieved by implementing OnScrollListener and attaching it to the scroll event of ListView. This gives a beautiful infinite scroll feature to the app.
  • PushNotifications
    • Push Notifications is real simple with the Google Cloud Messaging services. This is used for providing alerts in real time. The Alerts Activity is launched in the Intent.
  • Spock:
    • This is the coolest part! The app has Spock! Actually, it's SPOC, but who cares, it's SPOCK (minus K)! Fascinating.
The app can be downloaded from Google Play at The app is supported from API level 8 - Froyo.

Some of the screenshots:

Spandan*: Spandan is an annual sports extravaganza at IIIT Bangalore. The sporting events will go on for three days. It's from March 7th to March 9th, 2014. The official website can be found at here. Game On!