Saturday, August 18, 2012

Calendar & Tickr

After some time I've developed a new app on txtWeb's Platform. It's called Calendar & Tickr. The app has two parts and they are, of course, Calendar & Tickr.

To access the service a user has to first register for it by sending an SMS @tickr.reg <username> <password> to +91-9243342000
Ex:- @tickr.reg steve jobs

Calendar Alerts:

To set a Calendar Alert all you have to do is, send an SMS @tickr <time> <date> <alert name>
Ex:- @tickr 12:30 20/08 Lunch with Sam.

That's it! And you'll get a reminder right on your phone! The Alert tool is smart enough and will parse the date & time in up to 12 different formats.

Tickr & Groups:

You can also create a group for yourself and ask your associates to follow that group. You can create 2 types of Groups: Broadcast Group & Chat Group.

Broadcast Group:

A Broadcast Group is similar to Twitter Microblogging. In this group, only the Owner of the Group and the Moderator can Broadcast the messages to the Group. The followers will get all the updates on their phone without missing any news.

To create a broadcast group you have to send an SMS <group name> <group password> <group description>
Ex:- apple_blog macrumors123 All updates and news about Apple Products.

Chat Group:

A Chat group provides an ability to every subscriber to push the messages to a group. This can be used to create a local chat group to share and discuss ideas and updates.

To create a chat group you have to send an SMS <group name> <group password> <group description>
Ex:- rvce_cse compSciChat! Chat group for RVCE CSE Students.

Following/Subscribing to a group:

To subscribe to a group, you can send an SMS @tickr.follow <group name>
Ex:- @tickr.follow apple_blog 

Broadcast/Message a Group:

To Broadcast a message or to alert a group, you have to send an SMS @tickr.alert <group name> <message>
Ex:- @tickr.alert apple_blog iPhone 5 to release in September!

Online Account:

You can find an online account of your @tickr Service at Here you can find lot of options. Feel free to explore it.

Developer APIs:

Developers would like to explore and would like to provide a different User Experience. ApplicationDevelopers would like to take a leverage of the Groups Platform and use it in their apps, so a Webservice has been created and the REST APIs have been opened up for the benefit of Users.

The documentation of the APIs can be found here

If you are lazy to create the client, then you can directly fork/clone the repo from the GitHub at this location

If you want any APIs to be opened up or have any other Questions, then please comment on this blog.

Arjun S Bharadwaj

Update: You can try this app below!


  1. Pl. make all network numbers to use , send and receive the group messages with this app.
    -M.Ravindar APTF Hyderabad

  2. please broadcast the msg to all the followers.Most of my followers are not getting my msges.Make it fast deliver to all the group members who have subscribed to the group 'gklights'.
    Hope u will not disappoint me.
    By Deepak.S.Ganachari.
    Admin of group 'gklights'.
    email me at:

  3. dear friend please maintain your server timings from morning 6am to night 12am