Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gold Trap

During the Masters program at IIIT-Bangalore. I had taken a course on Design Patterns and wanted to implement those patterns in an App. I was amazed by the amount of popularity that games like Candy Crush and Subway Surfers had gained. So, I decided to create a game - Gold Trap.

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This is a traditional "Join the Dots Game" with a twist. You have to collect the goodies and complete the tasks. There are more than 60 levels of this exciting game with various challenges to complete in the game.

There are also cheats to assist the players:
  1. You can skip your turn.
  2. You can play an extra turn.
  3. The best cheat. You can swap your points with your opponents' points.

This uses Material Design guidelines and uses Google Play Game Service and integrates Turn based game API. It integrates with some of the cool things introduced in Google I/O like Native Ads, Firebase FCM notifications, Player Stats, Invites API, SVG vector graphics. 

Privacy Policy:
  1. This app collects no data of users.
  2. This app is integrated with Google Analytics and it uses the interaction behaviour of users anonymously. No PII is collected or passed outside of the app.
  3. For Leaderboards and Multiplayer games, the app requires the players to sign in into the Google account.
  4. This app uses Player analytics.
  5. This app shows Ads to the players in few screens. No user data is passed explicitly for the ads.

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